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Salzer factory


An Austrian producer (near Vienna) initially dedicated to the production of woodfree paper for the publishing industry. Salzer has developed in recent years in the field of food packaging/micro-ovening.

The range is based on 3 products under the name “Lipopack” :
– Lipopack Natural : uncoated pure cellulose paper/cardboard,
– Lipopack Pro : same, Natural but with greaseproof surface treatment on both sides,
– Lipopack Prime : same, Lipopack Pro but greaseproof treated in the mass.

All the range is 100% food contact and has the precious sesame Brf36/2 micro and traditional-ovened
Already widely used in the field of corrugated and food trays.

It is also a partnership with the Dutch company IPP for laminated products under the name “Onboard” :
– Lipopack Natural 250g cardboard base,
– Lamination with white, brown or black technical paper, guaranteeing resistance to grease and humidity in an ecological way – without plastic.



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St. Pölten, Austria.

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