APL Packaging

Toutes les matières Premières pour vos emballages

Our products


  • A complete range of cardboard
  • Complementary factories 
  • Virgin and recycled fibercardboard qualities


  • No to plastic bashing !
  • Films for flexible packaging have all their reason to exist
  • A complete range of  BOPP, PET, OPA films…


  • Paper in all its conditions !
  • Bag or wrapping
  • Virgin or recycled fibers
  • Creamead or White
  • Standard or greaseproof


With a complete range of products from complementary factories, APL Packaging offers a wide range of products dedicated to all packaging trades :
• Folding cases (compact cardboard),
• Flexible – soft (film and paper).

Each factory is independent and benefits from a platform of expertise through our network.

Respect for the environment is at the heart of the concerns of each of our factories, with solutions adapted to each market segment.